Printed matter represents an integral part of each corporate presentation.

We offer you a wide-ranging print service tailored to the specific needs of your clients. Thanks to our own production, print technologies knowledge and our wide network of reliable suppliers we can offer you the most efficient solution related to your orders (inquiries). We can achieve all that faster than you could expect and in accordance with the highest quality standards.

  • 94 Minutes designs the most suitable print technology.
  • 94 Minutes provides you with price quotations comprising several options.
  • 94 Minutes delivers samples allowing for a better selection.
  • 94 Minutes prepares your print documents.

We print with the best quality of each technology and ship the order directly to you or a chosen place.

If we print your documents or data supplied by your graphic designers, we inspect everything carefully. We point out all possible errors; find better solutions, correct small imperfections, make the prints and supply them anywhere on your behalf. These are the differences between us and our competitors.

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